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We are a reference in Brazil for product management service for health plan operators!

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More value in health for people

Fairer and more bearable costs for your company

Decrease in absenteeism

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What we do

We manage the population's health and present customized solutions to meet the needs of individuals, operators, and companies, supported by high-performance teams and robust technology, impacting on better care and lower costs.

Our numbers

Do you believe that a company's numbers and results say a lot about it? So do we! Therefore, we present here some data that demonstrate how much we have already done in the health sector. See:

Our professionals work in 14 states plus the Federal District.

4 million lives covered with our solutions

33 thousand people with monitored chronic diseases

Of 2900 patients cared for in hospitals, monthly

20 thousand lives served by our clinics and PHC (Primary Health Care)

3 units of PHC Clinics

How can we help


We are pioneers in Brazil in the organization of Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Our first ACO is in the city of São Paulo.


Our services bring elements of Value in Health, seeking to unite the best outcomes at an adequate cost and the relevance of care.

Care management

Cost reduction with the chronically ill population of up to 10% in the first years and cases (case management). Adequacy of authorizations for procedures before carrying them out, care during hospitalization to ensure reduction of waste and quality of care.

PHC Clinics

Primary care team that provides services to Health Plan Operators and Companies, and the services are supported by the essential attributes of the PHC.

In our services, we have more than 90 NPS points and we actively manage the health of the population that is linked to the service.

PHC Clinics

Third Party Administrator

Claim Consulting

Improvement of care quality + cost reduction


Access to healthcare anywhere! 84% of users felt relief in suffering

Accredited network management

We dimension, organize and manage the network to ensure capillarity in the coverage required by ANS.


To monitor employees with suspected or confirmed Covid-19.

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